Exterior paint is your home's first line of defense against the elements. We make sure it stands up to the worst mother nature can dish out.

Every great paint project starts with prep.  Step one is to remove the dust and dirt with a power wash.  Next we remove any loose or peeling paint with a combination of sanding and scraping.  With a sound base we can start adding layers.  Most new paints are self priming but sometimes specialty primers are needed for problem surfaces.

  • Siding (Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Stucco)

  • Masonry

  • Windows (Wood, Vinyl & Metal Clad)

  • Fences & Decks (Staining & Painting)

  • Lattice

  • Shakes

  • Foundation Painting

  • Soffits, Eaves Troughs & Downspouts

  • Garage Floors & Concrete.


One of the most critical components, and the easiest for unscrupulous painters to cheat on, is proper film thickness.  Thin paint may still look good but cheats you of a properly done project.  We make sure you get two coats, at the proper thickness, every time.